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ORLEN Neptun is a company of the ORLEN Group responsible for offshore wind power development. We are bidding for 11 new licences to develop wind farms in the Baltic Sea as a zero-carbon energy source for Poland.

Offshore wind farms are bound to play a crucial role in the energy transition of Central Europe. For the ORLEN Group offshore wind energy is among the focus areas of its ORLEN2030 strategy, targeting PLN 47 billion of capital expenditure on advanced low- and zero-carbon generation assets.

Following the integration of several entities engaged in offshore wind projects within the ORLEN Group, ORLEN Neptun has gained capabilities to pursue projects within all the 11 available licence areas, with over 10 GW of estimated aggregate capacity, sufficient to meet 25% of Poland’s demand for electricity.

The company is also looking to tap offshore wind development opportunities in other Baltic countries, with first auctions to award such licences expected already in 2023.

The ORLEN Group is building up experience in the offshore energy sector through its company Baltic Power, involved in a project to develop a wind farm in the Baltic Sea with a capacity of up to 1.2 GW. The project is scheduled to come on stream in 2026.

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