Cooperation with business

Local content

According to preliminary estimates, the cost of all investments in offshore wind energy in Poland will amount to approximately PLN 130 billion. The ORLEN Group strives to ensure that "local content", i.e. the participation of Polish entrepreneurs in the supply chain when implementing its own offshore projects, is as high as possible.

Already in 2021, the company, together with representatives of the government administration and key representatives of the offshore wind energy sector, concluded the second sectoral agreement in the world and the first in the European Union for the development of offshore wind energy in Poland.

The signatories of the agreement declared that they would strive, among other things, to: to the greatest possible involvement of Polish companies in the implementation of investments. For projects implemented in the first phase, the participation of the so-called local content at the level of 20-30 percent their total value, at least 45%. for projects implemented until 2030 and a minimum of 50 percent for projects implemented after 2030

As indicated by a recent report by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK), Polish companies are interested in investing in offshore wind energy. Among the entities surveyed by BGK, every tenth (9%) is already involved in offshore investments. Moreover, over half (52%) of companies plan to get involved in these activities or see such a possibility.

According to various estimates, between 100 and 300 companies operating in Poland could find a place for themselves in the process of creating Polish offshore wind energy.

The development of the offshore wind energy sector opens new business prospects for Polish enterprises located both in Pomerania and other parts of the country. The industries and services that will benefit most from investments in the area of offshore wind energy include ports, shipyards, construction services and universities. New places will be an additional stimulus for the development of the entire region.

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