Offshore wind

Offshore wind development in Poland

Poland has a chance to become a leading producer of offshore wind energy in Europe. Our main advantage is access to the Baltic Sea. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), it is one of the four best areas in the world for offshore investment with a potential of 93 GW. In Europe, similarly favorable conditions exist only in the North Sea.

The Baltic Sea is the shallowest sea in the world, its average depth is about 55 meters. At the same time, it enjoys optimal wind conditions. The average wind speed - at 100 meters high - is about 8-10 m/s, and the further south, towards Poland, the better these values are. Experts consider the areas located around the Pomeranian Bay, north of the Słupsk Bank (north of Ustka) and the area near the South Central Bank (90 km from the Polish coast) to be the most attractive.

According to the assumptions of the Polish Energy Policy until 2040 (PEP 2040), the installed offshore capacity in our country is to reach approximately 6 GW in 2030 and 18 GW in 2040. The development potential is even greater. It is estimated that by 2050 it may reach 28 GW. For comparison, the current installed capacity of all Polish power plants is almost 60 GW.

The data of experts from the Polish Wind Energy Association are even more optimistic. They indicate that if the total potential of the Baltic Sea was used, offshore energy could meet up to 57% of the demand by 2040. the entire national demand for electricity.

Currently, preparatory work is underway for the construction of several large wind farms in the Baltic Sea, and other investors are applying for permits to implement projects in subsequent phases. The first electricity from offshore installations in the Baltic Sea will flow in 2026.