Offshore wind

Investment benefits

Offshore wind energy in Poland has huge potential. It can meet a large part of the electricity demand in our country. It is also a development opportunity for the Polish economy.

According to estimates of the Polish Wind Energy Association, investments in the Baltic Sea with a capacity of 33 GW may generate over PLN 100,000. jobs and PLN 178 billion of gross added value in the development phase and PLN 46 billion annually in the operational phase.

Additionally, farms in the Baltic Sea are able to successfully support the decarbonization process and reduce dependence on fossil fuel supplies. Assuming annual energy production from offshore wind farms at the level of 130 Twh, the reduction in CO2 emissions could amount to approximately 102 million tons per year.

Not only Poland will develop its investment projects in the Baltic Sea. It is also an opportunity for our country. Using its potential, it can become the center of offshore wind energy for this part of Europe, a kind of hub for the development of the supply chain.

This chain will be related primarily to the production of components of the windmills themselves, i.e. blades, angle of attack control systems, generators, gears, power take-off system and steel elements of towers and supporting structures. This means, among other things, that one million tons of steel from Polish steelworks will be needed to build turbines in the Baltic Sea.

Other elements are also necessary to implement offshore investments, such as investment areas for industrial plants, sea and inland transport, hotel and service base, training, etc. Offshore wind farms also include a whole fleet of specialized marine units: construction vessels (HLJV), cable carriers (CLV), auxiliary units (OSV). Polish design offices already have experience in their design, and Polish shipyards - in their construction. The offshore wind farm development program will therefore be a strong stimulus for the shipbuilding industry.

The development of offshore wind energy will also benefit ports, which will need new quays and swimming pools. Moreover, in Poland we have many producers of cables and power equipment who can successfully provide materials and equipment for the construction of the connection network of offshore windmills.