For local communities

We develop offshore wind energy with due respect for all our stakeholders.

The burgeoning sector provides a huge development opportunity for the sea coast regions by creating new jobs and promoting wholly new areas of the local economy, such as technology and materials engineering.

As an important component of the supply chain, the transport sector also stands to benefit from the development and operation of wind farm projects throughout their lifetime. As a result, some firms will be able to expand their business portfolios or shift their focus to completely different services.

As the work on wind farm projects is progressed through successive stages, it will be underpinned by open dialogue with all stakeholders as an important factor determining the final shape of such projects and their future directions.

Stakeholder groups particularly affected by wind farm projects, such as fishermen and local tourist operators, will be directly involved in the dialogue. All stakeholder consultations will be conducted in the context of national security, not only in terms of infrastructure and energy, but also military security, hence the expected involvement of such institutions as the Polish Navy and the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency.

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