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Offshore wind power generation is one of the fastest growing energy sectors in Europe and globally. With its increasing efficiency and low environmental impact, this technology already provides clean and competitively priced electricity to millions of Europeans.

Development of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea may provide strong impetus to Poland’s zero-carbon energy sector. The Baltic Sea is regarded as one of the world’s best marine areas for projects of this kind, thanks to a combination of strong and fairly constant wind speeds, low salinity and adequate water depth.

Out of 25 GW offshore wind energy capacity across the waters of 12 countries, about 2 GW is located in the Baltic Sea. Based on expert estimates, the Baltic Sea’s total potential is 85 GW, nearly twice as much as the total capacity currently installed in Poland.

Offshore wind farms in the Baltic may play a key role in Poland’s energy transition, contribute to the strengthening of the country’s energy security, and help tackle air pollution.

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