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Offshore Wind Terminal in Świnoujście

At the turn of 2024 and 2025, the first offshore wind terminal in Poland and one of the most modern in Europe will be launched in the port of Świnoujście. It will combine the functionality of a traditional installation terminal and a classic transhipment port.

The terminal in Świnoujście has been designed to accommodate all, even the largest, jack-up and heavy lift vessels intended to support offshore wind farm projects with turbines with a capacity of approximately 15 MW.

The Installation Terminal's offer will include unloading, loading and storage of elements used to build offshore wind farms, such as:

  • monopile and jacket foundations,
  • towers,
  • shovels,
  • gondolas,
  • elements for cabling wind farms.

Additionally, the terminal infrastructure will be prepared to accommodate superstructures of marine transformer stations, which weigh up to 24,000 [t].

The advantage of the investment in Świnoujście will be its excellent location, providing convenient rail, ferry, air and road access. Moreover, its inland location guarantees favorable weather conditions.

Ultimately, the installation capacity of the terminal in Świnoujście will be over 80 offshore wind turbines per year. One hundred people will work here.

The first planned project implemented at the Installation Terminal will be the ORLEN Group and Northland Power - Baltic Power project with a capacity of nearly 1.2 GW. Next, similar investments will be launched in Świnoujście by domestic and foreign entities participating in the construction of wind farms in the Baltic Sea.

Specific information

  • Depth of the fairway – 12.5 m,
  • Width at the bottom of the approach track – 130 m,
  • Total length of quays – 496 m, including:
    • Quay No. 1, 250 m long, intended for unloading incoming components,
    • Quay No. 2, 246 m long, intended for loading pre-assembled turbines;
  • Area of storage facilities - approx. 16 ha,
  • Permissible working loads in the loading quay area - 50 t/m2.



The largest and most modern vessels designed to support offshore wind farm projects will be moored at the installation terminal in Świnoujście.

Heavy Maintenance and Construction – jack-up ship

The task of jack-up ships is to transport, lift and install all the elements necessary to build offshore wind turbines.

They are equipped with:

  • main crane with a lifting capacity of over 3,000 tons,
  • 160 meter boom and,
  • four giant legs up to 130 meters long.

Other data:

  • Length: approx. 170 m,
  • Width: approx. 60 m,
  • Maximum draft: 7.5 m,
  • Load capacity: over 20000 tons,
  • Loading area: 7,000 m²,
  • Maximum water depth enabling installation work: approx. 80 m.

Heavy Lift Vessel

Heavy lift vessels are used to transport components of an offshore wind turbine.


  • Length: approx. 220 m,
  • Width: approx. 50 m,
  • Maximum draft – 11 m,
  • Load capacity – 30,000 tons,
  • Loading area – 8,000 m².