For business

Low- and zero-carbon power generation, including offshore wind energy, is a key element of the ORLEN2030 strategy, to which the Group will allocate PLN 47 billion in capital expenditure over the coming years.

An integral part of the ORLEN2030 strategy, investment in offshore wind power is seen as one of the future pillars of Poland’s energy transition. Offshore wind projects to be pursued by ORLEN Neptun are also an opportunity to forge links with Polish businesses, which will become active members of the supply chain.


Local supply chain

We are striving to maximise the share of local businesses in the offshore wind supply chain. These efforts are supported by our involvement in the Offshore Wind Energy Coordinating Council and its working groups.


Partnering with universities

By partnering with universities and vocational schools, we aim to have a hand in educating skilled staff to drive continued development of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea.